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I would love to get some information about you that I can share with your fans leading up to and perhaps during the meet. Things people may want to know, would be surprised to know, things just interesting in general because it is about you. Answer whatever you want but don't answer anything you don't want shared.

I am also trying to follow you on social media and share snippets of your benching primarily but even of other training or competitions or just things you do. Feel free to tag me!! I will also leave room for you to give me anything you wouldn't mind sharing that could be interesting or that you would just like people to know. I think most of us at this level are very, very humble creatures. That is great, but right now, it is ALL about you and you might be surprised to learn how much your fellow lifters would love to hear about you.

So if you could take a few minutes, fill out any or all of this form if you could and submit. I will take it from there. Thank you for all that you do for powerlifting! And I can't wait to see you all here soon!

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